Frequently Asked Questions (A-Level)

Can the course be completed in one year?

We would advise against a student trying to complete the course in one year and if this is attempted, we take no responsibility for the student being unable to complete the course.

The A-Level is split into 52 lessons and whilst it is technically possible to complete the course before the June exams, it does not leave much time for sickness or holiday.

The absolute deadline for the Production element is the February of the year the exams are being sat, so a student starting in September will only have a few months do speed through the required lessons and complete their production.

When does the course begin?

The course begins in September, however, access to the course material will be given once the student enrols which they can do at any time.

How many hours study a week should a student be expected to do?

It is expected that a student does a minimum of 5 hours study for each of the 52 lessons on the course. This quota does not include time spent watching the recorded lessons or attending the live group sessions.

How much is the fee for the full course?

For the standard distance learning it is either 20 monthly payments of £45 or £800 if paying the full cost up front. This quote excludes any fees that your chosen exam centre may charge.

The 1:1 lessons are charged at £40 / hour

What are the arrangements with regards the examinations?

The course consists of two 150 minute written exams. All that the student needs to know and prepare for these exams is included in our recorded lessons. This includes a number of mock exams which once completed are returned to the student with feedback.

The actual examinations will need to be taken at a UK based exam centre. We partner with Tutors and Exams for our examinations. They have centres in Bolton, Doncaster, St Neots, Coventry and Wimbledon. For more information on these centres, please visit

Is there a certain way in which the exam questions should be answered?

All exam questions should be answered with evidence of why the candidate has chosen their answer and justification behind their answer. The amount of marks available for each question should also be taken into consideration with how much evidence and justification is applied. i.e. Small sentences or paragraphs for smaller mark questions, and essay responses for higher mark questions.

How does the Non Examined Assessment (NEA) element work? When is it submitted and to whom?

Within our 52 lessons, there are a number of lessons which focus on how to complete the NEA. The student has until the February of the year they are sitting the exams to submit it to JQS Learning. Unlike previous years, there is no longer a requirement for the NEA to be sent through the post to the exam centre. Electronic copies of the NEA will be uploaded to my dropbox, for which I will provide a link to nearer the time. If you chose an alternative exam centre, then you will need to discuss with them whether they will work with us and also what their procedures are relating to NEA submission. 

What internet speed is required for the course?

We use Zoom for our 1:1 Lessons and group sessions. Zoom state that a minimum internet speed of 1.0 Mbps/600kbps (up/down) is required. As long as you are above this limit then you’ll be fine.