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100% pass rate was achieved for students sitting
GCSE Film Studies with TeachAllAboutFilm in 2021 and 2022

TeachAllAboutFilm provides Online Tuition and Distance Learning worldwide through our learning portal.
As all students study differently, we offer a variety of approaches to ensure learning needs are met. We offer one-to-one tuition which can be book as one-off or regular sessions depending on what is required. We also offer group study sessions for our distance learning courses where all students will be able to discuss live with the tutor and their peers regarding elements of the course they’re studying.

What courses are currently available?

Our GCSE Film Studies Distance Learning course covers all the required content to best prepare students for their exams. We also advise students of all the requires steps to successfully complete their Production module.

We can also provide 1:1 sessions for students who prefer to learn live with a tutor. These sessions can either run for the duration of the student’s learning, or sessions can be booked as and when the student/parent feels they are required.

Our GCE (A-Level) Film Studies course is new for 2022 and like the GCSE, we offer both Distance Learning and 1:1 options. You do not need to have taken the GCSE in order for you to sign up to the A-Level. We will still cover all the required content for you to undertake what is required for the exams and production module.

What else do we offer

GCSE / A-Level Media Studies – We also offer a limited number of Media Studies places each year. These sessions are only available on a 1:1 basis. If you would like to know more about this, then please contact us.

Screenwriting / Filmmaking Workshops – During 2022/23, we intend to build some micro workshop courses on the topics of screenwriting and filmmaking. These causes will not lead directly to an academic qualification, however, they would be a good starting block for anyone wishing to pursue screenwriting of filmmaking further as either a hobby or as a profession. Sessions would be split into age categories so young people and adults would be able to take the course through separate sessions.

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