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GCSE Film Studies with TeachAllAboutIt Film in 2021

TeachAllAboutIt – Film provides Online Tuition and Distance Learning worldwide through our learning portal.
As all students study differently, we offer a variety of approaches to ensure learning needs are met. We offer one-to-one tuition which can be book as one-off or regular sessions depending on what is required. We also offer group study sessions for our distance learning courses where all students will be able to discuss live with the tutor and their peers regarding elements of the course they’re studying.

What services are currently available?

GCSE Film Studies One-to-One Tuition – We provide one-off sessions or regular sessions to accommodate a student who is already studying the GCSE Film Studies Course.

GCSE Film Studies Distance Learning – You can now enroll on our Distance Learning GCSE Film Studies course whenever you like. Simply sign up and decide on what pace you which to take the course.

Coming September 2022...

  • A-Level Film Studies One-to-One Tuition

  • A-Level Film Studies Distance Learning

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